The desire for global perspectives: an interview with Jakrin Laosamathikul

The opportunity to work overseas and a promising management role are some of the best things about the DACHSER Asia Pacific Management Trainee Programme, Jakrin Laosamathikul reveals.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Jakrin Laosamathikul spent many years studying in the US, China and the UK. He returned to Bangkok after graduating with a Master’s degree and found work in the tax and hospitality industry. He soon found those jobs were a poor fit for him, so in July 2018, he decided to join DACHSER as a Management Trainee (MT). We find out what drew him to DACHSER.

Jakrin Laosamathikul likes the DACHSER Management Trainee programme because it offers opportunities to travel abroad.

1. Why did you choose to join DACHSER as a Management Trainee?

I have always been curious about the logistics industry. Since I was young, I was amazed by the way products shifted from one country to another, or how items were manufactured in factories all around the world and assembled in one place, then sold in another country. So, I decided to explore a career in logistics.

I looked at a lot of management trainee programmes but felt the one at DACHSER is the best one. It provides opportunities which other companies do not. For example, trainees got to go overseas during the two years of training. This is a big selling point because only a few logistics firms would invest in this and offer it. There is also a very clear career path which promises a local or international leadership role after training.

2. What is so special about being a Management Trainee?

Job rotation through departments allows me to explore different areas of the business which means I will gain great logistics know-how and really understand the processes.

The most fascinating thing is working closely with front-line operations teams and middle management. It allows me to gain valuable insight into the relationship between operations staff and the managers. It is a big opportunity for self-development as I observe different ways to manage people which will help me to customize my own leadership style.

3. What would you say to graduates who are thinking about applying?

Being a Management Trainee is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and a willingness to learn because you will rotate to a new department every three months, so you need to be highly adaptable to new environments. However, if you are looking for a chance to equip yourself with good knowledge about logistics and want to be working at management level in a relatively short time, then this is a great programme for you.