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Press Release 14.04.2021
Customer confidence strengthened: DACHSER is satisfied with the year´s results

DACHSER can look back on a successful 2020, which was characterized by the loyalty and climate of mutual trust between the logistics provider, its customers, and its transport partners. DACHSER’s consolidated net revenue totaled EUR 5.61 billion, a slight decrease of 0.9 percent compared to the previous year.

News 06.04.2021
A solid footing worldwide

Homes without any wood-based products from Austrian manufacturer Kaindl/Kronospan are few and far between. Achieving such widespread distribution poses quite the logistical challenge.

Market Information 30.03.2021
Current situation on Suez Canal

As already reported in the media, the container ship “Ever Given” has been freed over the last hours on the Suez Canal.

News 29.03.2021
DACHSER organizes its first charter flight from Hong Kong to Porto

In response to an urgent request by a customer in Portugal, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics organized a full air charter out of Hong Kong in a swift manner at the middle of the Chinese New Year, and successful carried out the entire transport process including last mile delivery in Porto via its own DACHSER European Logistics network.

News 29.03.2021
Always on guard

At DACHSER, protecting data and systems is a top priority. Christian von Rützen, Department Head IT Strategy Implementation at DACHSER, explains the current and future challenges facing information security. He and his international IT security team have several areas of responsibility, including managing information security at DACHSER.

Market Information 24.03.2021
Air freight market update | March 2021

Current Challenges in Global Air Freight

  • Major airports are still facing bottlenecks in cargo handling. Airlines have to reduce freighter capacities for urgent maintenance, while the market strives for additional capacities around the globe.

Congested Airport Situation

  • At world's major airports, high freight volumes are currently seen. The reason is that more and more airlines are bundling flights at hub airports. The same applies to forwarders who are increasingly consolidating their activities.
  • In addition, the number of passenger freighter so called ‘PREIGHTERs’ is increasing every week. For these flights, the loading and unloading process is much more time-consuming due to the sometimes loose packaging. This affects all ground handling (trucking, on-/offloading, palletizing) processes at large airports around the globe. 

Global Capacity Situation

  • The already mentioned global cargo situation and the continuing high demand for capacity have a significant impact on the yield of the major trade lanes, which is stable on a high level. Furthermore, access to capacity at adequate price levels is almost impossible.
  • Necessary to allude here is that in the next few weeks a decline of freighter activities will become visible in the market, as many of the already obsolete aircrafts are in urgent need of a maintenance C or even D check. Inevitably, this will lead to less capacity in the market, higher demand and therefore higher costs.
  • With the passenger freighters, the forwarders are trying to counteract this bottleneck. However, the number of available aircrafts has also reached its limits now. 

Oil Price Development

  • Another important topic is the development of the oil price. In the second quarter of 2020, the oil price was at a low of 17,54 USD, in February 2021, it is at 64,17 USD. The price has almost tripled. The high oil price has a direct impact on the fuel surcharges of the commercial airlines and, for example, also on the cost structure in the charter contracts of DACHSER’s dedicated flight activities.
  • The cost structure is tied to the development of the global oil price. Therefore, the development of the global oil price becomes an everyday topic. 

Read the PDF below for the current Global Capacity Situation and Oil Price Development.

In case you need any additional information related to DACHSER’S air freight services and the current market development, please do not hesitate and contact your local DACHSER contact. 

Market Information 23.03.2021
Sea freight market update | March 2021

The post-Chinese New Year cool down that had been expected has not come to pass. In addition the continuing bottleneck of the North American western ports ties up shipping and equipment capacity enormously. Two weighty reasons stressing the sea freight market, impacting port activities and generating congestion across the global supply chain. Most experts expect this situation to last throughout the second quarter.

Trade Lane Update

Far East – Europe 

  • Westbound space and empty equipment availability (all types of containers) is still tight. After Chinese New Year there has not been a significant drop of cargo and carriers have been facing backlogs.
  • On eastbound routes, space is getting limited due to blank sailings and the equipment situation remains tight. Carriers are implementing surcharges due to equipment imbalances.


  • The space and equipment situation in Asia is extremely short and the complete transpacific eastbound trade is facing rollings and delays due to severe congestion along the U.S. West Coast.
  • Official statistical data shows that less than 20% of the arrivals at the North American west coast ports have been on time since Los Angeles and Long Beach are facing handling problems. More than 60 vessels are anchored in front of the two ports, and more than 15 vessels in Oakland. Dockworkers are still operating with reduced staff due to COVID-19.  
  • This situation is expected to remain critical for at least the next 1-2 months.
  • For the time being, DACHSER is still recommending long-term planning and asks customers for information about upcoming transports as early as possible so that we can offer the best solution e.g. alternative routings via Seattle / Houston or even via the U.S. East Coast. 

DACHSER expedited LCL Service

  • In addition, DACHSER offers an expedited LCL service from China to the U.S. West Coast which is a reliable alternative for customers to avoid congestion issues. 
  • The weekly scheduled direct expedited LCL service brings average dwell time down from 14-25 days to 3-7 days. Read more details about this DACHSER designed service.


  • A strong increase on rates as per April 1 is hitting the market. Carriers are strictly managing space. Equipment availability remains tight and waiting time for vessel space is about 6 weeks.
  • At Savannah port, some vessels are anchoring for unloading as well. The delay is currently almost 4 days. 
  • The yard is extremely congested and the port continues to move imports to the ocean terminal to make room for incoming imports in the pads.
  • Carrier contingency programs will also have a significant impact on delays and vessel space shortages from Europe to the U.S. and Mexico, as reduced and suspended services are expected in the upcoming weeks.

Read the PDF below for the current development based on World Container Index and Shanghai Containerized Freight Index.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local DACHSER representative for further advice, possible alternatives and any further information that might be needed. 

News 23.03.2021
Striking a balance between stability and change

In January, a new generation took the helm at DACHSER.

Press Release 17.03.2021
DACHSER offers sea freight LCL expedited service from China to the USA

In response to the current ports congestions in the US West Coast resulting long dwell times and unreliable shipping schedules, DACHSER launches LCL expedited service connecting China to the US with sharp cut on dwell time.

News 12.03.2021
The new DACHSER magazine is here!

The baton has been passed: the next generation of DACHSER management, led by CEO Burkhard Eling, officially took the helm on January 1 of this year. In the latest issue of the DACHSER magazine, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on this transition at the top.

Brexit: What remains to be considered

Our Brexit project team has set the course for a functioning and secure logistics network to and from the UK.

Many companies, that depend on the smooth transport of their products, now have to do their Brexit homework to keep their goods moving: Find all the relevant information by clicking on the link below.


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