Monsoon season in India: precautions for cargos

The Indian monsoon season has started and will last until the end of September. Additional precautions are highly suggested when packing incoming and outgoing cargos.

India is currently experiencing an unusual monsoon season. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) projected the amount of rainfall to be 97% higher than last year. There are heavy and frequent rainfalls, accompanied by gusty winds.

It is inevitable that the outer packing of the cargos will be exposed directly to rain water during transfer. Therefore, additional precautions are deemed necessary when packing cargos.

Shippers are recommended to ensure all parcels are suitably packed and adequately covered with polythene sheets or waterproof material to withstand high humidity and prevent from getting wet by rain water seeping in.

Please contact your DACHSER representatives for more advices.

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