DACHSER Thailand at White Asparagus Dinner in Bangkok

On May 3, 2019, the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) organized a White Asparagus Wine Dinner at a riverside hotel in the heart of Bangkok. DACHSER Thailand, being the title partner of the event, impressed the guests with a special “DACHSER truck” at the cocktail reception.

Jan-Michael Beyer, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Thailand, is bringing the first batch of DACHSER trucks to Thai streets.

The temperature in Bangkok hit almost 40 degree Celsius with perfect weather on the Friday evening, 65 guests gathered at the Royal Orchard Sheraton Hotel Bangkok, looked forward to tasting the “white gold” – white asparagus.

A cardboard DACHSER truck was “parked” at the foyer, where the cocktail reception took place. It quickly caught the attention of the event participants. 

A very appropriate appearance since DACHSER in Thailand started to brand their first batch of DACHSER trucks for local deliveries. Jan-Michael Beyer, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Thailand, said during the event, that the trucks will be on the road at the end of this year. ​​​​​​​

Enjoying the asparagus dinner

During the dinner, guests were served with creative white asparagus dishes, pared with a selection of German premium wines.

With the food and atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the evening and spent quality time mingle with each other. “I look forward to seeing the DACHSER trucks on Thai street soon!” said one of the guests when leaving the venue.

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