Coronavirus: updates on DACHSER’s operations in China

In response to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in the Hubei province, the DACHSER team is closely monitoring the situation. Here is an updated information as of February 4.

In general, the Chinese Central Government has announced the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday to February 2, trying to keep the pneumonia under control. Additionally, some local authorities have announced further extension of the holiday and requested offices in the respective regions to remain closed until 2400 hrs on February 9.

Operations in Wuhan

Wuhan branch is scheduled to re-open on February 14,  to be confirmed depending on the situation. The Wuhan team will be operating remotely and reachable via their usual mobile contacts. Part of the operations will be handled via our Shanghai team.

Hubei Province Authorities announced that customers will need to apply transportation certificate from the local government, and hand in the certificate to logistics company if they wish to have shipment to enter or exit the province by trucks.

Air and sea operations and general business in China

While we are trying our best to keep your supply chain as smooth as possible, please note that:

  • Carriers, airlines, terminals, the customs authority and local truckers are only operating with skeleton teams to handle emergency matters;
  • Many of the airlines suspended passenger flights to and from China, cargo flights are affected as well with reduced departures. Air shipment can be handled, except Wuhan, as long as there is a pre-booking and subject to carriers’ availability and schedule;
  • Ocean carriers have reduced sailings to and from China. Ocean terminals are operating, but with minimum services except Wuhan which is completely closed. At the time of writing, there are no delays / no special quarantine procedures for cargo release of vessels arriving from China;
  • Most of the factories in China are either still closed or operating at minimum scale;
  • Delays and other operational issues are to be expected.


DACHSER Branches

In response to the government request, most of the DACHSER branches in China will officially re-open on February 10, for the re-opening date of each branch please refer to the table below.

Starting from Monday, February 3, a minimum numbers of staff are on duties in most offices to handle critical shipments and minimize impact for example to avoid detention and demurrage fee and TLX release, though most of the carriers have announced an extension. We regret that we could not provide full operations but will try our best to maintain basic services.

The date for re-opening is changing on a daily basis and is subject to change depending on the situation. As of February 4, 2020 the re-opening date of each are as follows:

  • Beijing             Feb-10
  • Chengdu         Feb-03
  • Dalian             Feb-10
  • Dongguan       Feb-10
  • Guangzhou     Feb-10
  • Nanjing            Feb-10
  • Ningbo             Feb-10
  • Qingdao          Feb-10
  • Shanghai         Feb-10
  • Shenzhen        Feb-10
  • Suzhou            Feb-10
  • Tianjin              Feb-10
  • Wuhan             Feb-14
  • Xiamen            Feb-10

We will continue to update you with the latest information on how this is impacting your supply chain. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

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