Behind the scene: Gerd and Gerda at Career Forum

Our company’s mascots Gerd and Gerda made their first public appearance in Asia during the Career Forum on November 3 in Hong Kong. The mascots welcomed visitors at the DACHSER booth and brought the whole event to life. “Who are the professionals behind the costumes? How did they find the experience to be Gerd and Gerda,” many visitors wondered? We spoke to Eddie Ng, Sales Manager Air & Sea Logistics Hong Kong and Kelvin Cheung, Controller Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific to find out more.

Eddie Ng (left), Sales Manager Air & Sea Logistics Hong Kong and Kelvin Cheung (right), Controller Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific

“I found it quite challenging at first when I tried to put on the costume. It took some time to get used to it” said Eddie. He first “met” Gerd at his office when he read a news article about the mascots on the intranet. Now seeing Gerd at his office reception on a daily basis, Eddie thinks having mascots to represent DACHSER is such an interesting idea. “As a football player, I think it is very common for teams to have mascots as their symbol or icon. Gerd and Gerda are unusual and approachable ambassadors of DACHSER,” he added.

For his first time experience, Eddie shared that it was indeed intense as he needed to stand for a certain period of time. However, he got something in return. “I could see people’s smiley faces when they approached me and took pictures with me. That is all that matters.” he laughed.

Acting as Gerda

Kelvin finds acting Gerda an outdoor and unforgettable experience. “I can have a sense of belonging as I was given such a unique chance to represent the company and understand it more. It is a good gesture to let people know what DACHSER employees are.”

When he was asked whether he would be Gerda again, he replied that he would love to do it again but in a subtropical or tropical environment, an air-conditioned location like the Career Forum venue is a must.

Where will our mascots go next? Stay tuned!

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