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General Terms & Conditions

DACHSER performs services for its customers on the basis of a wide range of legal principles and regulations. In addition to optimizing our physical transport services, the provision of relevant information also forms part of our philosophy of providing service.

We therefore make salient regulations under transport law and insurance-relevant conditions available for download.

  • General Conditions for Air & Sea Logistics
  • Terms and Conditions of carriage for the "Global Sky Express" product
  • Terms of Use "Applications”
  • General Purchasing Conditions
  • General Conditions of Business for Software and Consulting Agreements
  • General Terms and Conditions for IT Services
General Terms and Conditions ZIP (0,70 MB)

FIATA Model Rules

The FIATA Model Rules for Freight Forwarding Services - the latest version shall apply to any agreement or any other document with legal effect in respect of freight forwarding and logistics services and relevant or pertaining services (including but not limited to the services of arranging for the carriage of goods by air, carriage of goods by sea, carriage of goods by land, storage, warehousing, collection, delivery, insurance, customs clearance, packing, unpacking, etc.) between DACHSER Far East Ltd. or its subsidiary, branch, representative office or affiliated company established in Hong Kong and any client or its agent or employee. It shall be deemed that the client agrees with the application of these Model Rules if such client or its agent or employee entrusts to any such subsidiary, branch or representative office referred to above the undertaking of all or part of the aforesaid logistics services. DACHSER Far East Ltd. or its subsidiary, branch, representative office or affiliated company referred to herein include but are not limited to DACHSER Hong Kong Ltd.”

You may download these FIATA Model Rules here or contact the Company for details.

FIATA Model rules PDF (0,14 MB)